Letter from Judge Murray to the Citizens of Delta County

Detailed Assessment of Delta County Facility issues and Needs







Local Health Authority for Delta County Texas




Public Notice to Bidders and Brand Holders


03-03-2022 Notice SubstituteTrustee Sale DEGEN 04-05-22


Mark and Brand Notice - 8-31-2021 through 2-28-2022


Employment Opportunity




Special Notice


US SBA Working Capitol Loans due to Drought_17308,17309-02 TX


Order Prohibiting Outdoor Burning for July 6 2022

Order Extending Burn Ban 90 Days Effective July 11 2022



Texas Homeowner Assistance Fund Program TXHAF



This is a draft copy of the Delta County Hazard Mitigation Plan Five-year update. It is posted on our county website to allow identified stakeholders and the public to review.The posted draft is designed to give viewers an idea of what the completed approved plan will look like.
Hazard Mitigation is defined as any sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk to life and property from hazard events. It is an on-going process that occurs before, during, and after disasters and serves to break the cycle of damage and repair in hazardous areas.



2021-07-30 Delta County Proposed FY 2022 Public Hearing on 8-16-21 and 8-30-21

Delta County TX FY 2021 Adopted Annual Budget


Commissioners Court Agenda


Agenda: 08-08-2022

Agenda: 07-25-2022
Agenda: 07-18-2022

Agenda #2 07-11-2022

Agenda: 07-11-2022

Agenda: 06-27-2022

Agenda: 06-13-2022

Agenda: 05-09-2022

Agenda: 04-25-2022

Agenda: 03-28-2022

Agenda: 03-14-2022

Agenda: 02-14-2022

Agenda: 01-24-2022

Agenda: 01-10-2022



Delta County Official 2021-2022 Holiday Schedule 09-14-2021


Letter from Judge Murray to the Citizens of Delta County


Detailed Assessment of Delta County Facility issues and Needs


Minutes of the Commissioners Court


CC MINUTES 07-25-2022

CC MINUTES 07-18-2022

CC MINUTES 07-11-2022

CC MINUTES 06-13-2022

CC MINUTES 05-22-2022

CC MINUTES 05-09-2022

CC MINUTES 04-25-2022

CC MINUTES 04-11-2022

CC MINUTES 03-14-2022
CC MINUTES 02-28-2022

CC MINUTES 02-24-2022

CC MINUTES 02-14-2022

CC MINUTES 11-08-2021



Bills Approved


Bills: 08-08-2022

Bills: 07-25-2022

Bills: 07-11-2022

Bills: 06-27-2022

Bills: 06-13-2022

Bills: 05-25-2022

Bills: 05-09-2022

Bills: 04-25-2022

Bills: 04-11-2022

Bills: 03-28-2022

Bills: 03-14-2022
Bills: 02-28-2022

Bills: 02-14-2022

Bills: 01-24-2022
Bills: 01-10-2022


Tax Rate - Delta County


Sheriff Public Notices


730 E Bonham Estray Notice 08-10-2022


Bail Bonding Requirement

Delta County Budget & Treasurer's Report


District & County Clerk Notices & Reports






04-09-2020 62nd Dist Court Emergency Standing Order


07-2022 District Court No Activity Report

07-2022 County Court Activities Details Report

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